The only step-by-step FB ads training that's specifically tailored to help you fill your launches with more hot leads, and sell out your online courses. Or your money back!


The only step-by-step FB ads training that's specifically tailored to help you fill your launches with more hot leads, and sell out your online courses. Or your money back!


You know Facebook™ Ads could be the thing to scale your business. The only problem is? They overwhelm the heck out of you. 

If you’re like most coaches and digital course creators, chances are you...  

  • Feel like you don’t know enough about FB ads to run them effectively  
  • Don’t consider yourself “techy” enough to dive into ads  
  • Have run FB ads in the past and haven’t seen results  
  • Worry that you’ll lose money if you run ads

I get it. When I first started advertising on Facebook, I was a time-strapped, overwhelmed mum who was trying to scale her business quickly. So, I decided to DIY my ads.  

And guess what?  

They sucked (no really… they sucked!).  

In fact, I put a freebie out there, got it in front of 2028 people and… one person signed up for £26.52. I was devastated.  

How was I supposed to grow my business? If this is what FB ads was going to be like, how could I afford it?!  

After a minor freakout (and a nice cold GnT), I made a decision.  

I knew I could either grow slowly, without advertising….  

… or I could grow quickly with it. 

So I dedicated myself to learning from the best. It took time, trial and error, and a commitment to learning the right strategies and processes. But I did it.  

Fast forward a few years, and now I get amazing results for my clients, like:  

  •  5-10 X return on ad spend! 
  •  1582 email subscribers added to a client’s list in less than three months
  •  Generated $6700 in passive income 

So what about you? 

Do YOU have to spend years learning Facebook ads to make them effective for your business? Do you need to become an ads guru to be able to run your own campaigns?  

Hell no.  

You just need to know enough — enough to implement the right strategies for your goals, fix what isn’t working, and feel confident that your ads are actually making you a profit.  

And that’s where Ads On Fire comes in.  

"Liz is our greatest secret weapon!"

~ James Wedmore

Ads On Fire is a step-by-step training designed to give you the support, strategies, and knowledge you need to run your own profitable Facebook ads (without having to become an expert or waste time and money by DIY-ing it).  

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to…  

  • Grow your list and convert your subscribers into lovely new students and clients
  • Identify and implement how to run the right ads to see tangible results to grow your business YOUR way
  • Set up, manage and control a profitable ads campaign and get all the support you need to ensure it's bringing in leads and helping grow your business  
  • Quickly glance at ads manager and know EXACTLY what's happening with your ads, and what to tweak and why to get the best possible results
  • Have the clarity and confidence you need to create successful ads campaigns on your own whenever you launch.....and how to scale for bigger, more impactful results every time.

Hey, I'm Liz....

Creator of Ads On Fire, and an ocean loving, paddleboard addict!

Working with some of the biggest names in the online space, and having spent over $1.5M in ad budgets that have generated over $10M in revenue.....I've learned a thing or two about what it takes to create, manage and control a highly effective Facebook ad campaign.

I know that Facebook Ads have a LOT of moving parts, can be confusing to monitor, and can feel overwhelming.....especially while you’re trying to manage everything else in your business too. 

But I also know that by keeping things simple, and with the right strategy and support, you can get the visibility and sales you’re looking for using ads, so you can create the impact you want in your industry.  


“I decided to invest in Ads on Fire and oh my goodness, it has changed my life. It has changed my business."

- Allison Hollinger -  

Here's how it breaks down


Discover the simple, 3-step ad framework that will AMPLIFY your message to the right people, create deeper CONNECTION with your audience, and encourage them to TRANSACT and become loyal customers


Learn how to choose the best ad strategy for YOUR goals and budget, so you’re set up for success before you even hit “publish” on your first campaign. 


Harness the power of the Facebook ad pixel to create targeted audiences, accurately track your ads performance, and reduce useless spending. 


The secrets of how to target exactly the RIGHT people with your ads — no matter the niche you’re in! 


How to create images, videos and copy that compel people to CLICK! Discover all the elements of high-converting ads on Instagram, Messenger, and more! 


How to navigate ads manager with ease, as you set up your ads with confidence. Watch over my shoulder as I walk you through the whole process step by step..


Demystify the dashboard so you can quickly interpret the data, and know exactly what action to take for bigger and better results from your ads. 

"Liz takes all the drama out of Facebook ads so you can actually get them to WORK.

Her ability to simplify data in a way that ANYONE can understand is extraordinary! Her coaching and support has really helped my clients understand how to run their ads more strategically, and get better results too."

- Caitlin Bacher -

See Why Ads On Fire Is Worth Well Over $48K to Students!

When you enrol in Ads On Fire, you’re getting the culmination of several years of experience, managing 1.5M in ad spend that’s generated 12M in revenue for my clients. 

And today, those VIP Ads Management clients are some of the BIGGEST names in the online industry, and they all know that Facebook ads are THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to exponentially scale their business success.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, or have a few ad campaigns under your belt, then the chances are that you can already see how Facebook ads can help you find, connect and convert more of the RIGHT people into customers…..and grow your business FAST.

And not just in your next course launch……

…...but every time you want to grow your list, build an audience, launch or promote a program in the future!


But the mistake most struggling entrepreneurs make, is they think outsourcing their ads to an “expert” means their ads will take away the pain of campaigns that bomb, and the worry of losing more than they make. And that it’ll avoid them having to tackle learning what to do themselves. But here’s the thing:

If you don’t know what a high performing ad looks like in your business… will you know if the results someone else is telling you they’re seeing is good, bad, or downright ugly? And that they’re not just throwing your money down the drain?

So instead of investing $1000s in ad management fees, not to mention more in ad spend too….wouldn’t it be safer and smarter to to simply learn how to use Facebook ads yourself - at a fraction of the cost?

Which leads me to how much the investment is to get your hands on my simple ad framework and strategies.

Right now, if you wanted to have me work with you to manage your ad campaigns, you would need to invest at least $4000pm!

You’re about to learn EVERYTHING it’s taken me YEARS to discover and learn about what it takes to run Facebook ads….without the big price tag.

Ads On Fire is a $997 investment. And simply by implementing my ACT Framework, attracting more of the RIGHT people, and making just a few more sales from your ads….you can EASILY make back your investment. 

PLUS, you can sleep well at night, knowing the risk is all on me!


3 x Payments of $397 


Save $194 when you pay in full $997 

"Facebook ads have been, hands down, the most overwhelming and frustrating thing I've confronted as a business owner.....until Liz and Ads On Fire."

"Not only is Liz THE trusted go-to ads expert for many of the top thought leaders out there, but she knows how to keep it simple without sacrificing results.

With Ads on Fire, I didn't have to worry about creating a "too big to fail" strategy that caused horror stories for my biz friends who launched with expensive and untested ad strategies.

Working with Liz is like bowling with bumpers. You won't be throwing money down the gutter, and after some practice you'll be getting mostly strikes."

- Joey Vitale -

If you don't see results....get your money back!

Money Back Guarantee Button/Label

My goal for this program is to help you use Facebook ads to grow your audience, your list and your sales.

I'm 100% confident that if you follow the trainings, and implement the strategies, you WILL see results.

In fact, I'm giving you A FULL 60 DAYS to try Ads On Fire and prove to yourself that the methods will deliver the results I'm promising. If it doesn't, all you need to do is contact my team and they'll happily refund your investment.

But, full have to show me you did the work.

Because simply buying a program is NOT taking action. Ads On Fire will only work for you if you use it.

But if you don't see tangible results at any time during the first 60 days, show us you actually did the work, spent at least $100 on your ads, and we'll happily refund your investment.

"Liz's program taught me how to grow my list from 100 to 1000 in only 12 days!"

- Sheri Dyas Mellot -

Plus, $2997 of additional gifts when you enrol today! 

All the trainings inside Ads On Fire will completely transform the way you approach Facebook ads, and the results you can achieve for your business. But that's only the beginning!

When you join Ads On Fire you also get SEVEN Bonuses to make your ads even more powerful, and your success even easier. Starting with........

  • Getting Set for iOS14 - This step by step training guides you through the ESSENTIAL steps you must take to ensure your ad account is prepared, and your ads can run smoothly in the new iOS14 world  
  • Creating FB Ad Copy that Converts - I've teamed up with one of the BEST conversion copywriters on the planet, Kate Dramis, for a value packed workshop where she shares her best tips for creating compelling ad copy that gets your audience clicking like CRAZY!.
  • Resolving Rejections & Shutdowns - When the worst happens, and your ad account is shut down, or your ads are continuously rejected, you need to act FAST. In this bonus training, I’m sharing my personal approach to contacting Facebook to have your ads reviewed, and best next steps for getting out of Facebook jail!
  • Monthly "Office Hours" & Hotseat Sessions - Ask questions and troubleshoot your campaigns with me LIVE as I help you set up your strategies, funnels and ads.
  • Access to the Ads On Fire Copy Coach - not only do you get Kate guiding you on how to create great copy… also have 24/7 access to our Copy Coach Teri. She’s on hand in the FB group to review your ads, landing pages whenever you need help.  
  • "Ads that Convert Vault" - Swipe file with loads of examples of high converting ads to inspire and give you ideas  
  • Private, members only Facebook group - Connect with other Ads On Fire students and get 24/7 support

Yes, Liz! I’m ready to use Facebook™ ads to fill my launches + sell my programs! 

3 x Payments of $397 

Save $194 when you pay in full $997 

"I HATED Facebook Ads. I had a whole story around them that they were hard, too technical, too frustrating, too expensive...

mainly because I'd tried unsuccessfully to run my own ads in the past, which felt totally disempowering and worse, like I was wasting money

Going through Ads On Fire was the first time I've EVER felt like "Oh, wow, I CAN DO THIS!" 

Liz's modules are so easy to follow and she has a unique gift of breaking down big, complex topics in a way that's so simple and easy to understand. 

For the first time ever, I felt EMPOWERED after completing the program, and went on to run my first ad campaign solo from start to finish. It was incredible! I knew exactly what to create, what to look for, tweak, and change along the way, and what to evaluate at the end of the campaign to determine its success."

- Courtney Elmer - 

On the fence? Ads On Fire isn’t for everyone. You’re probably not the best fit if… 

  • You’re a networking marketing or e-commerce business  
  • You cannot invest in FB ads and Ads On Fire without putting yourself into financial difficulty  
  • You’re not serious about using FB ads to scale your business by reaching more people and generating leads and sales

Rapidly grow your business with FB ads! 

6 x Payments of $197 

Save $185 when you pay in full $997